July 22, 2014 by Harvey

Dear designer we need to talk.

I had a great a time developing that app with you and I thought I’d talk about that experience from a developer’s point of view.

I’d like to start with what I learnt from working with you. Good design matters and has a great effect on how an app is used. I learnt a lot about the placement of buttons , text , images and how it all fits in to make a great user experience. A happy user is a repeat user . Our talk on the different shades of the colour red was an eye opener for me and I’ve since picked up a book on colour theory . That’s right I’ve been reading up on design, I understand how important pixels are and yes you were right, flat design rocks. I have a greater insight on what goes into design and it turns out you are not just a finger painter.

The development process was not always smooth but I appreciate the effort you took to understand a bit of the technology side. With your new tech insight and designers perspective you did come up with some inspired solutions. I come from a background where design and development are kept separate and the idea of collaboration was foreign to me. By the third 3am discussion on whether to use images or code to create that graphical element I was sold on collaboration. It did take us awhile but we figured out how to communicate without the cloud of our respective terminology.

Lastly I’m sorry I hurt your feelings by calling you a “finger painter,”  I promise I will not do that again. I would also appreciate it if you didn’t call me an “IT specialist.”

Yours in Creating
PS. I gave RedBull a try and man it’s got a kick . I still stand by coffee as my caffeinated drink