September 1, 2014 by babusi

Bulawayo based rapper, ASAPH, shakes up the Zimbabwean hip hop scene with the release of his latest single ‘GLIMMERMAN’ on 1 September 2014.

Stream it online or download it via the microsite

Below, he talks about his distinct sound, collaborations & what the future holds.

What does Hip Hop mean to you?

Hip Hop is a culture, a way of life. It changed the whole world when it came into existence. It represents the power to change things. Nobodies become superstars. The minority become the leading voices and leaders for urban youth to follow.

How do you approach writing your lyrics?

When writing lyrics I take it like writing in a journal or diary. My lyrics are basically my thoughts put in rhyme schemes. Each word I use has many meanings. I even leave hidden meanings for myself. Lyrical architecture is what I go for.

Describe the sound of Glimmerman, what’s the inspiration & influence on the track?

Glimmer Man is my heart. The inspiration came from being a hip hop recording artist in Bulawayo, dreaming about things that people consider childish and immature. We try to achieve things that have never been done in our City and even though all the odds are against us we still strive to shine for our City.” I shine for my City call me Glimmerman.” The song is explained better in the second verse about the model and her situations. I enjoyed writing this song, many will enjoy listening to it.


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