July 3, 2014 by KB

Spent most of last night going through old photos from an old external hard drive. This is one of those shots that I thought was my best at the time. It was shot in Grahamstown, back in June 2012, during the National Arts Festival. I had just bought my Canon 60d with a 17-55mm kit lens and was pretty stoked to be at the festival, walking around with a fancy DSLR camera. To be honest, I didn’t have the foggiest of clues of what I was doing, I mostly shot in full auto or program mode. Inevitably, the results were hits and misses. Mostly blurry, overexposed, underexposed or at worst, out of focus shots.
Looking back at this image last night, I recalled the moment vividly. I was walking down High Street, towards Rhodes, saw this man chilling outside this pub (forgot the name), he asked me for a cigarette lighter, and I gave him. Next thing we were chatting like old mates and I asked to take a photo of him, he obliged. Well, the original result is what you see on the right . Just so you have an idea, this image was shot at a massive ISO1600 (in broad daylight), at 50mm and f/16.

This also got me thinking about the awesome, and the not so awesome people that I have met in the last two years, the friends I have made, stories I have heard, the lessons learned, the places I have been to, all because of photography. Most importantly, I think it has changed (for the better) the way I look at the world, and how I treat people. It has been an amazing journey so far and I love it. Not that I am now a perfect photographer, far from it. Each day brings its own opportunities, each photo shoot comes with its own lessons and I would like to think that I am grabbing them all.
Anyway, moral of the story? I guess it is true that it is never too late to learn. Not just photography, it could be learning a new language, it could be dancing or learning how to cook a certain dish. Whatever it is that you love, quit making excuses, just go out there and learn!